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Written specifically for The Eaken Piano Trio, Avi Hidlik received its premiere in December 2008 as part of the trio’s “Home for the Holidays” tour of New York and Pennsylvania.  The work is an instrumental fantasy based on a well-known Hanukkah song.  The text of the song describes the questions of a daughter asking her father why he is lighting the candles.  The father replies, “Because it’s Hanukkah!”  The trio reflects the emotional complexity of the Jewish holiday: the cheerfulness of the children’s games, the heroism of the ancient Maccabees, and the sad resignation of endurance.

The Eaken Piano Trio
One of the leading piano trios in the world today, the Grammy-nominated Eaken Piano Trio consists of John Eaken (violin), Andrew Rammon (violoncello) and Gloria Whitney (piano).  They have an extensive CD catalog on the Naxos and Centaur labels.  Now in their 22nd year, The Eaken Piano Trio maintains an extensive touring schedule.
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